Refined Finishes Paints for Bainbridge Blues . . .

Our dear friend Pat Rushon has developed a new interior paint line . . .

We collaborated so that her initial color collection
coordinates specifically with our fabrics!

Pat has the "color-eye" of an artist and the skill that can only come
from years of work within the industry . . .

She understands how warm, clear colors or unusual finishes
can completely transform a space . . .

Recently one of us had some interior walls redone with
Refined Finishes' Light Honey from the Bainbridge Blues collection.
The painter loved working with it . . . great coverage . . .
and no fumes because the Refined Finishes paints are no-VOC.

We have used them in a number of our showrooms
and in photo shoots . . .

We feel so lucky to be part of this wonderful project
from the very beginning and wish her the best of luck!

Please contact Pat Rushon directly at Refined Finishes
for more information or to order swatches or paint.

We have worked with Pat on some additional color palettes that our textiles
will have in future collections . . . just to give you a glimpse into the future.

So . . . as Pat would say, "Choose a color and have some fun!"

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