Bainbridge Blues in Country Home . . .

We loved Country Home magazine 
and were saddened when it was shuttered  
along with a number of other wonderful publications - 
domino, House & Garden, Met Home, Gourmet . . .

We were especially sorry because 
Country Home had just completed a photo shoot 
using several of Bainbridge Blues' fabrics. 

As luck would have it, the magazine collapsed 
one month before the article was to go to print!

BUT - there is a silver lining . . . read on . . .

Recently, Country Home released its second "special edition" issue featuring 
favorite homes from previous issues . . . as well as lovely homes in new 
locations - all presented in a slightly different format . . .

What a pleasant surprise to discover the very article featuring our fabrics 
in this new issue . . . while we were browsing in a magazine stand at the airport!

So . . . we now know that in the lovely home of an antique dealer in Indiana 
a settee is upholstered in our "timothy",
draped with a double sided, blanket stitched throw of "frances" 
and a lumbar pillow in "dylan"!

The stylists for the photo shoot slip-covered the wingback chairs in "william" 
and had throw pillows done  in "hattie".

We sincerely hope this stylish magazine comes back monthly someday!

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